Custom Display Cases

All-Star Framing strives to be the best at what we do

And not only when it comes to creating top-notch custom display cases.

All-Star Framing Custom Display Cases

Custom Is Our Specialty

One of the coolest things about our custom frames is the ability to let the imagination go wild when it comes to creating a display case that shows off your items in the snazziest and most eye-catching fashion.

That can mean using hand-picked colors, adding or substituting materials on our standard Formica base, or really going to town with a number of additional custom options.

We Do What No One Else Can

Go for specialized lighting to highlight your artwork; rotary devices to spin your baseball bat, helmets or mannequins; specialized platforms that transform a two-dimensional item into an intriguing 3-D display; or engraving options that can include most images, logos and lettering.

Turntables, mirrors and hinged doors are other possibilities. Simply let us know what you need to display, and we’re delighted to conceive of the most amazing way to do so.

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