Custom Display Cases

Display cases are must of keeping valuable items protected from the elements

And also safe from curious onlookers and organized in an attractive fashion, transforming even ordinary-looking items into an extraordinary exhibit.

All-Star Framing Custom Display Cases

Sports Memorabilia Specialty

Some of the most popular display case requests we get are for sports memorabilia, such as jerseys, baseballs, helmets and other equipment, but there are absolutely no limits on the types of items we can help you showcase.

Customers have asked to create cases for a full set of golf clubs, a coffin display and a personalized case for a loved one’s cremains.

We Don't Do Limits

There are no limits on the number of customized options you can add to the mix, either. Your custom case can consist of a single, open area or several rows of shelves. You can add lights, engraving, custom colors, rotation options, platforms, mirrors, easy-open doors and UV protection.

The playing field is wide open with a virtually endless array of possibilities.

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All-Star Custom Display Case Services.

+ Sports Standard Cases

Our sports standard cases are only standard with regard to sizing, material and options.

They’re far above typical standards you’ll find with most other display cases. Sports standard cases are the go-to options for some of the most popular sports items for which we get requests. These include sports jerseys, footballs, baseballs, helmets and other memorabilia and equipment.

Formica is durable, attractive, versatile and available in a wide range of colors, so it’s our material of choice when it comes to standard cases. The cases come with a durable frame or base, a protective, see-through covering and the built-in ability to hang or set on a surface for display as requested.



+ Sports Custom Cases

Our sports custom cases are designed to fit your very specialized needs and requests

With any number of custom options available to make that happen. Customers often simply fill us in on what type of sports items they want to display, and then let us use our imagination to come up with the most effective and stunning solution.

Custom cases can be of any size, shape and design imaginable, stocked with all the bells and whistles to really make your items shine. These can include specialized lighting, rotatory and platform options, engraving and more. While we still like using Formica, we’re open to other high-performing materials upon request.



+ Music Guitar Cases

Got a guitar once played by Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan?

Then you better have an awesome display case to go with it! Our Formica music guitar cases are designed to fit the exact dimensions and style of your esteemed guitar, even those that have never been strummed by the likes of Hendrix or Stevie Ray.

Add custom options like lighting, rotation, engraving, a specialized platform or anything else you wish to ensure that guitar gets the protection, attention and admiration it deserves. Any instrument is fair game for our display cases, as are record albums and other music-related memorabilia.



+ Jersey Cases

Hanging your favorite sports jersey on the wall is cool.

Hanging your favorite sports jersey on the wall in a protective jersey case that ensures it won’t fade, rip or get eaten by moths is even cooler. Our Formica jersey cases are specially sized to best display your prized jersey, whether it’s an XXXL football jersey, a slimmer basketball jersey or your kid’s tee-ball shirt.

Our standard jersey cases are designed to hang on the wall, but we’re glad to tweak the overall design to customize it to your needs. This includes adding engraving, lighting or any number of options to create an eye-catching display.



+ Baseball Memorabilia Cases

Ty Cobb, Nolan Ryan, Joe DiMaggio

If you happen to have a baseball or bat signed by any of the baseball greats, you’ll be best off with a protective display case to help preserve it. Our baseball memorabilia cases feature durable Formica and can be designed to fit a single baseball, an entire collection of baseballs or any other baseball memorabilia that deserve a place of honor.

From trading cards to photos, helmets to full uniforms, All-Star Framing can create the optimum display for your piece of baseball history. Choose from a wall display or stand-alone option that includes lighting, rotary and platform options, engraving and anything else that strikes your fancy.



+ Football Memorabilia Cases

Helmets, shoulder pads, footballs, trading cards or photos signed by Walter Payton

Or maybe Joe Montana or other football all-stars definitely deserve the premium place of honor. And that place of honor can be theirs with one of All-Star Framing’s amazing displays. Even if your football memorabilia is not signed by a famous player, if it’s important to you, it’s important to us and worth preserving.

Our football memorabilia cases can show off your valuable football-related items, protecting them with style. Choose a standard Formica case or go for a touchdown with custom lighting, UV protection, engraving, rotary and platform options.



+ Basketball Memorabilia Cases

A display case for your Michael Jordan Wheaties box? Why not!

All-Star Framing is the place to get the perfect, personalized case you need for all basketball memorabilia. Our Formica display cases are incredibly durable and even more incredibly creative, designed to suit the exact size, shape and nature of your basketball memorabilia.

Actual basketballs are fair game for our display cases, as are basketball uniforms, high tops, trophies, photos, trading cards and yes, even Wheaties boxes. In addition to protecting your items from damage, our attractive display cases can include custom options to showcase your basketball memorabilia in the highest style.



+ Hockey Memorabilia Cases

Sick of searching for the optimum display case for your autographed hockey stick?

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place. All-Star Framing creates custom Formica display cases of all shapes, sizes and styles to fit all types of hockey memorabilia.

Autographed hockey sticks are hot, especially if they happen to be signed by Gordie Howe, but they’re not the only hot hockey memorabilia that deserves protection and an eye-catching display. Hockey pucks, jerseys, skates, programs and signed photos may deserve a place of honor, and we can provide that honor with custom options that include engraving, lighting, specialized rotation and platforms – and even sizes large enough to fit a Zamboni.



+ Golf Memorabilia Cases

Whether you’re the proud owner of an autographed Arnold Palmer golf ball

Or a pair of Bob Hope’s colorful golf pants, you want a special place to preserve and show off your items. All-Star Framing is the place to get it, with professional Formica cases customized cases to house any and all golf memorabilia.

Our golf memorabilia cases serve the double duty of protecting your valuables while showing them off in the most magnificent manner possible. Custom lighting, platform, engraving and rotation options are available, as are any type of imaginative feature that is on par with your specific needs.



+ Boxing Memorabilia Cases

Boxing gloves once owned by Joe Lewis.

Boxing trunks signed by Sugar Ray Leonard. A robe worn by Mohammed Ali. If you have awesome boxing memorabilia you want to preserve and show off, All-Star Framing has the ideal display case for you.

We know our boxing memorabilia cases are ideal because we offer customized cases designed to suit your memorabilia’s specific size, type and style – along with a lineup of options that’ll leave other display cases down for the count. Opt for custom engraving, lighting, colors, platform and rotary options that showcase your boxing collectibles with the esteem they deserve.



+ NASCAR Memorabilia Cases

The biggest custom display case we ever built was for the grille of a NASCAR vehicle

But any type of NASCAR memorabilia is in the race for one of All-Star Framing’s custom display cases. Whether you own autographed photos, racing helmets, or die-cast cars, we can build you the custom case to match. This applies to cases of any size, shape, color and style to protect and display your NASCAR memorabilia in a winning fashion.

Fill us in on the type of NASCAR memorabilia you want to showcase, and let us use our imagination to make it happen. Custom options run the gamut from lighting to movable platforms with pretty much anything else in between.



+ Custom Display Case

Whether you’re an avid collector of art

Or a sometime collector of antique toy trucks or own even a single item that is dear to your heart, you need a display case that matches the unique quality and quantity of your memorabilia. Off-the-shelf display cases designed for the masses won’t cut it, but a custom display case from All-Star Framing will.

With more than 15 years’ experience, a keen imagination, and delightful customized options that range from lighting to mirrors and engraving, we can create the optimum display case for items of any size, shape, style and type. No request is too big – or too weird. Give us a call today!



+ Counter Cases

Leaving valuable retail items on top of the counter is begging for theft.

But leaving them in locked in a vault doesn’t let shoppers get up-close and personal enough to truly fall in love with the merchandise. The solution is a professional yet affordable counter case, which is exactly what All-Star Framing offers.

Made of durable, versatile and attractive Formica, our counter cases are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the elements and customers while showcasing your products in a truly alluring fashion. Give us a rundown on your type of shop, space, function you want the cases to serve and merchandise you want to display, and we’ll give you a creative option that suits your business’s exact needs.

Whether you need to counter case to double as a sales area, serve as an exhibit for dozens of different items, or hold a single large item or two, All-Star Framing has the experience, materials and creativity to make it happen. Stick with our standard counter cases that can serve your basic needs, or boost the allure by adding any number of custom options that help ensure your retail items practically sell themselves while on display.



+ Custom Counter Case

When you’re selling specialized or truly unique items, you need a truly unique counter case that nets the items the attention they deserve.

That where All-Star Framing comes in. Our custom counter cases are designed to the exact size, shape and style you need, and they can be stocked with an array of enticing custom options that enhance your merchandise even further.

Specialized lighting, custom colors, engraving of most images, logos and lettering, and rotary devices are on the list, as are hinged doors, turntables, platforms and UV protection. Choose specific elements you want included, or simply fill us in on your details and let our imagination do the rest.



+ Custom Cases

Perhaps you need a case for your glass menagerie collection

Or your tot’s pair of bronzed shoes, or the 4-foot sailfin swordfish your grandpa swore he caught himself back in 1972. Whatever the case, we can create the case that suits your specific needs.

All-Star Framing custom cases serve the double duty of protecting your valuables while providing them with the handsome home they deserve. Whether you want to hang your case on the wall, set it on the floor or prop it on a bookshelf or counter, we’re primed to create the one that suits the size, shape, style and type of item you want to protect and cherish.

In addition to choosing your size, shape and style, our custom cases are available with a wide range of intriguing options that can really make your items sizzle. Customized lighting, hinged doors, engraving options, platforms, rotary devices, mirrors and other features that create special effects are on the list, as are high levels of creativity and imagination.

Creativity and imagination are what continue to ensure All-Star Framing is destined to come up with the ideal case for just about any item in the world – with the precise features and flair that do the item justice.



+ Cases for Anything

Instead of outlining the types of items for which we can create custom cases

It may be quicker to fill you in on the items we won’t consider accommodating. That category would include absolutely nothing. No request is too big, too small, too mundane or strange for us to consider.

Custom cases we’ve build that were outside of your typical requests include display cases for an entire set of golf clubs, a NASCAR vehicle grille, a coffin display and even a loved one’s cremated remains. Even the most unique requests are unable to outwit our imagination, which knows no limits when it comes to creating your perfect custom case.